13 Wonderfully Weird Foreign Beauty Products You Need To Try

1. TONYMOLY Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel, $16

What is is: A gel with little exfoliating bits, promising to reduce blackheads and soothe with Camellia flower extracts and botanic nutrients.
What we thought: Total honesty — the main appeal of this product is its packaging. OMG IT’S AN EGG WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE INSIDE? (It’s a gel inside.) I suppose the imagery of that yolk coming through a shell kind of imitates a zit coming out. TONYMOLY is a South Korean beauty brand and they do branding very well. Everything is cute. As for its effectiveness, I have STUBBORN FUCKING BLACKHEADS. They’re small and they never, ever come out. This really didn’t help much. I think if you used this every day for like two weeks, you might see a difference. But it’s a fun thing to have in your bathroom.

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2. The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisture Holding Face Cream, $34

What it is: From the Urban website, this fascinating description says it has: “freshly germinated chia seeds in water drops that fully hydrate your skin. The innovative chia water drop busts the moment they touch the skin to fully hydrate deeply.”
What we thought: OK, so from that description, I imagined some weird type of bubble that would burst when you put it on your skin and SO MUCH FUN would ensue. Whatever “bursting” that occurs, you can’t see it. However. This moisturizer is unlike anything else I’ve tried. The consistency is hard to describe. It’s silky … and creamy? It goes on lightweight, but is also dewy? Whatever it is, it is MEGA MOISTURE.

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3. Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask, $24

What it is: An overnight mask from a cult Korean beauty brand called Mizon, promising brighter, moisturized skin in the morning.
What we thought: I guess the “white” part of the description made me think I’d be going to bed with some hard, snow-white, chalky mask that would chip away in the morning to reveal a new me. The product actually goes on fairly clear — it’s more of a silky, thick serum. But it certainly does feel nice on the skin, and can be used as an overnight moisturizer. I approve.

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4. Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask, $16

What it is: A thick, sticky, self-heating black sesame mask that exfoliates, softens and smoothes.
What we thought: You open this up and WOW it smells good. And it’s so sugary, sticky, and gloopy that you can’t help but want to put your fingers in it. You rub this into your face for about five minutes, it gets vaguely warm (but not hot), and then you rinse it off. Let me tell you this: It’s amazing. I think there’s something about the grains being in such a goddamned thick paste that makes the exfoliating action different from your average microderm or apricot scrub. I tried this with a friend and we both spent about five minutes after inspecting our super soft skin in the mirror wondering HOW, just HOW could it be???

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5. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil, $18

What it is: A “skin brightening” cleansing oil formulated with rice water from Korea.
What we thought: I’ve used cleansing oils before when my skin has gone through dry periods, but I normally find that they’re actually TOO OILY, if that’s a thing. Like, they’re very heavy and washing off the oil completely is difficult. This oil really does feel thin and light, so it’s fairly easy to suds up and rinse off. The scent is nice, but there’s definitely something unusual there … rice-y, I suppose. Leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.

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6. Mizon Cotton Shower Sheet Essence, $8

What it is: Pads soaked in fresh-scented mixture of tea tree oil, witch hazel and aloe vera.
What we thought: So, the description on the Urban website is kind of misleading because there are apparently TWO varieties of these wipes — one called “Fresh,” is for oily skin (and I think the only one Urban sells online) and another formula called “Moist,” which contains “hydrating shea butter.” The description talked only about shea butter, so I was very interested in using a cleansing wipe which would also moisturize my skin. But the actual product I got — the “Fresh” pack, with witch hazel and stuff — was also nice. I didn’t leave the cotton pads on my face like the cartoon on the package, but I used them at the end of the day to remove makeup. They’re REALLY soaked so you can let the liquid dry and absorb into your skin. The cotton pads are also REALLY soft, which feels great, especially if you’re rubbing repeatedly to get off stubborn foundation.

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7. The Face Shop Baby Face Hydrogel Mask Collagen, $7

What it is: A single-use mask packed with marine collagen and coenzyme Q10, which promise rejuvenated skin.
What we thought: Whenever I see the word “rejuvenated” on a beauty product, I scoff. What does it even mean??? Rejuvenated: pfft. I feel like this is maybe the one time I was kind of like, rejuvenated: ooohhoOOooOooooOOo!!! It’s kind of tricky to get this mask on — it’s like a broken up sheet of translucent pink with holes for your eyes/mouth/etc. that you lay on your face. (I came out of the bathroom and my boyfriend said, “You look like a burn victim.”) Leave it on for about 20 minutes, and then, voila: baby butt-like skin. The only thing with stuff like this is that’s it’s fleeting, right? Like, you look great for a day and then tomorrow it’s back to not-baby-butt-skin. I’d say, do this the day of an important event, before you apply makeup. Bingo-bango.

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9. TONYMOLY Tomatox Brightening Mask, $15

What it is: A skin-brightening mask made with natural tomato extract that promises to give you a bright and glowy complexion.
What we thought: Does it even MATTER? Hello, this is an adorable tomato-shaped skincare product that’ll look super cute on your bathroom shelf, who cares if it does anything? In all seriousness, this brightening mask is pleasant to the touch, goes on smoothly and washes off evenly. Plus, you can use this “mask” as either an occasional beauty treatment or as a moisturizer, and there’s nothing I love more than a product that does double duty. Did we mention the fact that it is a cute-as-a-button tomato shape? Huge selling point.

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10. Plant BK Facial Oil, $40

What it is: A nourishing facial oil that you can use on normal or combination skin to moisturize and protect.
What we thought: Facial oils are all the rage right now as alternatives to traditional moisturizers and here’s why: They’re a super nourishing, non-greasy way to moisturize your skin that can actually help heal. This particular face oil contains Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Jo- joba Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, and Vitamin E — a random potpourri of oils — and just a little goes a long way. This oil feels really light and soft, but that doesn’t mean that your skin still won’t have a bit of trouble adjusting from whatever you were using before to joining the Face Oil Revolution, so be prepared for a zit breakout or two.

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11. Fig + Yarrow Clay Mask, $16

What it is: A clay mask that helps detoxify and clear oil and acne-prone skin.
What we thought: Clay masks are the best for when your skin is feeling unwieldy and out of control. This clay mask isn’t much different from your average clay mask, but that’s okay — it gets the job done and sucks dirt, oil, and gross build up from your skin like a champ.

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12. TONYMOLY I’m Real Mask Sheet, $3

What it is: A single use mask that supposedly helps give you clear, bright skin.
What we thought> These single use masks are the best! First off, you look like a freakish, scary monster when you wear them, so PLUS! And they make your skin feel soft and smooth and totally great. The key with this mask is not to wash your face after you finish the mask. Let the serum soak into your skin and hydrate your face fully. Pure perfection.

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13. 3 Concept Eyes Real Soft Cleansing Sherbet, $24

3 Concept Eyes Real Soft Cleansing Sherbet $24

What it is: Three Concept Eyes cleansing sherbert, an oil-free makeup remover from South Korea.
What we thought: A variation on traditional makeup removers, you massage the “sherbert” into your skin and then wash it away with lukewarm water. This stuff works like a dream, though you’ll still need a separate remover for pesky eye makeup.

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Weird Foreign Beauty Products
Weird Foreign Beauty Products
Weird Foreign Beauty Products
Weird Foreign Beauty Products

Weird Foreign Beauty Products

Weird Foreign Beauty Products

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