Limited Trial on Prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer

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Previously 98Alive carried out limited Trials on Prostate cancer with one method of delivery proving quite promising. As a result, Professor Reynolds is preparing to do further limited Trial on Prostate Cancer.
The opportunity
98Alive is offering our male Distributors & Clients as well as their families & friends, the opportunity to participate in this Trial. For many people this is an excellent opportunity to learn if they can be helped without surgical or related procedures.
Who is a candidate?
Males who have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer or those who have high or increasing PSA reading are eligible.
Nature of the Trial
98Alive will supply a specially formulated liquid product which candidates will take on as “as advised” basis. Part of the trial will also require regular PSA tests to track the effect of the Trial medication. The results will be supplied to 98Alive as soon as practical after they are completed so that adjustments to the dosage levels can be done quickly if required.
Term of the Trial
The Trial will commence in Mid- February 2015 and will run for a period of twenty-six (26) weeks.
98Alive will supply the medication at no cost to the candidate. The candidate will be responsible for obtaining a PSA blood test on a monthly basis during the term of the Trial. PSA blood tests will need to be organized via referral from the candidate’s local doctor.

Expression of Interest

To apply, Please email your name, address, contact details, PSA readings with their timing & history to:
Professor Max Reynolds
98Alive Pty Ltd
PO Box 82
Underwood, Qld 4119

Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

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