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“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”  — Thomas Edison

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Hello Members,As summer arrives in Australia, we will be spending even more time outdoors. Apparently thousands of Australians are finding those annoying fly, midge, and tick bites can be much more dangerous than we realized.


Last week Channel Seven’s SUNDAY NIGHT program ran a segment on a mystery disease (Lyme disease) in Australia, stating in part:

“Thousands of Australians are suffering from Lyme disease and being diagnosed in overseas labs, despite the government insisting it can’t be contracted here.”

The television program quoted Dr Richard Schoeffel (one of the few doctors in Australia who believes not only that thousands of Australians have Lyme disease, but that many of them contracted it here):

“Lyme disease really is a collection of infections, not just one infection and you will probably get it originally from a tick bite, but it can be anything that bites.

We think in Australia it could be March flies and midges as well, but definitely tick bites.

It is transferred into the bloodstream when bitten by an insect carrier. It basically vomits this stuff out into your bloodstream and then sucks out your blood to fill itself, falls off and breeds, so it’s part of its breeding cycle.”

The result is an attack on the body that presents in as many as 150 different symptoms, making it hard to diagnose correctly.

The TODAY TONIGHT segment goes on to discuss how the Australian government’s expert panel reports no ticks in Australia have tested positive for Lyme disease (but accepts that Australians may have contracted some ‘mystery’ disease) and how some Australians are spending $25K – $30K each to try an experimental treatment in Germany.

You can watch the entire (very interesting & compelling) video segment on the link below:

TODAY TONIGHT – Australians flock to overseas Lyme disease treatment

The Immune System & Lyme disease

According to United States CDC Officer Alan Barbour, “Chronic Lyme victims Immune systems are ‘overwhelmed’. This indicates the actual disease is one of immunosuppression, or is an acquired immune deficiency, similar to AIDS, with all the opportunistic infections that Lyme victims cannot control”.

MAC/98alive™ – Relevant research

Research indicates 98alive™’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammation properties, in conjunction with 98alive™’s Immune System strengthening properties, may prove useful for people expressing Lyme disease-like syndrome and co-infections.

Please Register Customers

When customers purchase 98alive™ to strengthen their Immune system so their enhanced Immune system may be more successful bringing symptoms under control, Professor Reynolds asks that Consultant/Distributors REGISTER THESE CUSTOMERS so we can advise them of the most effective dosage and monitor their results.

Simply email the customers: Name, phone number, email and purchase order number – and we will follow-up directly with them. (TO:  Subject: Lyme registration)

Does 98alive™ Immune System Strengthener cure Lyme disease?

In today’s regulatory environment, cures may be claimed only in regards to drugs, surgeries, radiation, and the human body itself.

Therefore, 98alive™ does not claim to cure anything. 98alive™ delivers biological tools to the body that the body can utilize to boost its own anti-microbial and healing function. In this regard, it is a natural supplement like other herbs, vitamins, proteins, etc.

However, unlike many other natural supplements, 98alive™’s abilities to help the body in the battle against disease causing microorganisms are laboratory proven.

Research shows a marked increase in both CD4 (helper T cells) and CD8 (killer T cells) – increasing the levels of these immune T cells to almost double the original levels in the body – improving the fighting capacity of the body to defend and fight off disease.

98alive™ strengthens the immune system and may assist the body to better respond to Lyme disease-like syndrome and co-infections. It is non-toxic and ought to be considered by anyone looking at options for dealing with Lyme disease and co-infections.

The important thing is to not give up.

Victory for Wellness,

Steven Hall

Steven Hall

CMO – 98 Alive Pty Ltd


Lyme Disease Alert-98Alive
Lyme Disease Alert-98Alive
Lyme Disease Alert-98Alive
Lyme Disease Alert-98Alive
Lyme Disease Alert-98Alive

Lyme Disease Alert-98Alive

Lyme Disease Alert-98Alive

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