How I imagine vegans at a BBQ

How I imagine vegans at a BBQ

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  1. Something something, Picard something something, sausage innuendo

  2. The wolf is on his way

  3. dat wiggle tho

  4. “OMG is that sausage? Don’t worry sir, I’ll handle this!” – Worf

  5. genericinternetusername

    This is possibly the greatest gif I have ever seen. I’ve done it. I’ve seen everything.

  6. Can other users with fucked up gifs prove this person wrong that they have seen everything

  7. That video. What.

  8. How I imagine a heterosexual man in a gay bar

  9. rollercoasterteacup

    This gif is brilliant! The video? Disturbing…

  10. Instant favorite

  11. Wiggle wiggle wiggle

  12. I can’t think of any way this gif can ever be relevant, but I’ll be damned if I don’t figure something out

  13. Here’s their actual reaction – –

  14. PresidentGovernerMittens

    Why is that dismembered leg still kicking?

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