Candida-Mercury – The Hidden Link

Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link

Causes and Symptoms of Candida Overgrowth

Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link

Increasingly, it’s more difficult to prevent and manage Candida infections as more individuals have weaker immune system (antibiotics, corticosteroids, life-long toxic bioaccumulation and “leaky gut” play a role in this) and due to increasing resistance against antifungal drugs.

While a broad selection of natural strategies are important to employ, including the use of probiotics, garlic, and specific nutraceuticals (Caprylic acid, Oil of oregano and more) and the reduction of carbohydrates, often Candida remains a life-long problem.

Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link Candida Key Points


  • Candida infections are more prevalent
  • resistance is growing against antifungal drugs
  • Candida or Mercury (Hg): similar symptoms
  • overnight removal of toxic metals is preferred


  • Find a Biofilm Buster

Candida uses biofilms to protect itself for survival.

Today we know that biofilms are involved in most (probably all) microbial, and even some viral or mixed multispecies (bacterial, viral, fungal) infections in the body. It is estimated that 80% of all (and likely 100% of chronic) infections are biofilm related as biofilm formation is the preferred bacterial life style.[2] Biofilms consist of microorganisms encased within a self-produced matrix of exoproteins and exopolysaccharides, which strongly attach themselves to interfaces and highly resist dislodgement.

  • Find a Metal Chelating Agent

    It is mainly iron, and also toxic heavy metals, including mercury and lead, that fortify the biofilm’s outer layer. As the iron and toxic metal levels are lowered, the strength of the biofilm’s outer layer is weakened to the point when the immune system can have access to target the pathogenic microbes living in the biofilm communities.

    Find a Strong Immune Booster

    Myeloperoxidase in the neutrocytes is blocked by mercury and lead. 

    Neutrophil (also known as neutrocytes) are the most abundant type of granulocytes and the most abundant (40% to 75%) type of white blood cells. They form an essential part of the innate immune system.

    And myeloperoxidase, as a catalyst, is needed for the production of hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is generated in activated neutrophils by myeloperoxidase-mediated peroxidation of chloride ions, and contributes to the destruction of bacteria and Candida by the ‘injection’ of the tiny goblets of hypochlorous acid into the body of the pathogens.
    If the level of mercury and lead is high, this pathogen killing function of the immune system is crippled.

    No matter how much other anti-candida products or steps are taken, the availability of hypochlorous acid seems to be the most fundamental requirement for a strong immune system and for the success in controlling Candida and other bacteria. Chelation can turn around this situation like nothing else. The removal of amalgam fillings can be important. However, it is not the mercury inside the amalgam that weakens the immune system but the one already spread out in the soft tissues of the body.

    Why didn’t my doctor tell me that I had a problem with yeast syndrome or subclinical level or toxic metals?

    Most doctors are convinced that chronic Candida doesn’t exist. Conventional infectious disease experts view with skepticism the idea that chronic low-grade Candida infection (primarily in the urogenital tract and in the gut) can cause various, seemingly unrelated symptoms in the body, often called yeast syndrome.

    Toxic metals raise the flag only when there are clinical symptoms. Subclinical level of mercury or lead are routinely ignored and the weaker immune system is accepted by most doctors. Most doctors are at odds with some innovative healthcare practitioners as to the treatment strategy of Candida.

    The yeast syndrome and syndromes of toxic metals, especially mercury, are surprisingly similar. 

    The yeast syndrome is a constellation of many different symptoms, all of which combine to give an overall picture of ill health. Some of the possible manifestations are constipation, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, food intolerances, hypoglycemia, fatigue, mood swings, irritability, dizziness, headaches/ migraines, and difficulty concentrating, vaginal yeast infections, bladder pain, prostatitis, earaches, sinus infections, regular colds, asthma, carpal tunnel, mitral valve prolapse depression, rashes, psoriasis, and sensitivity to smells.

    Toxic metals, especially mercury, makes one very susceptible to dysbiosis in the gut. When the body is detoxified of mercury, the intestinal flora has a much better chance of returning to normal. The list of possible toxic metal, including mercury, associated health challenges are similar to that of the yeast syndrome. They are fatigue, depression, neurological problems, allergies, digestive disorders, immune suppression, gum disease, reproductive disorders, birth defects, kidney disease, heart problems, high blood pressure, autism, breathing disorders, skin disease, and leukemia.

    Healthy, clean diet often results in weight loss. As the stored toxins from fatty tissue are released into the blood, a temporary worsening of symptoms often noted during an interim between toxins releasing from fatty tissues and the body working to remove them from the blood. Candida toxins can bottleneck the liver detox pathways.

    As A Suggestion: What to Take?

    Over the last fifteen years it has observed under many clinical trials studies & personal testimonials that 98 Alive Melaleuca Alternifolia compounds  can greatly help individuals struggling with immune system,  yeast, thrush & candida related syndromes. 

    Take a recommended 2-4 caps per day for at least 90-180 days first as a preparatory step. Always gauge reactions & results. Scale back if necessary. Scale up if symptoms persist. Always consult experienced Distributors, 98Alive Admin. & Your Healthcare Professional network  to get to the bottom of “the root cause” of your challenges.  98 Alive has proven broad spectrum antifungal, antibiotic, antiviral and anti-parasitic characteristics.

     98 Alive /Thrush Testimonial

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More Information :

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Detoxamin® is a registered trademark of World Health Products LLC.











Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link
Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link
Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link
Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link
Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link

Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link

Candida-Mercury - The Hidden Link

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