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“Life is not a solo act. It’s a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us.” — Tim Gunn

As our Victory for Wellness community grows, more & more of our members find themselves in a position to ‘make a difference’ — to change — and sometimes even save lives.

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I believe you will also appreciate this personal story from Douglas Dean……

Personal Story: Douglas Dean

As discussed, I am out of my supply of 98Alive as the teenagers of two of my business partners in Malaysia have come down with Dengue in the past 2 months first one ended up in hospital on a drip. She appears to have had a mild case though. We fed her a few pills a day and she was out of hospital after 4 days.

  • The other case happened this past week. The 17 year old son of my other partner came down with severe pain and high fever. They rushed him to hospital, initially thinking he has acute appendicitis but it didn’t jive because he also had spikes of fever. So after messing around for a few days, they finally diagnosed that he had Dengue
  • By this time, his platelet count was dropping quickly and the doctors were getting increasingly concerned. We managed to get the last box of 98Alive over to him and within taking the first pill, the platelet count made a U-turn and ultimately went back to normal within 3 days. This was all done behind the doctor’s back as they really don’t know about 98Alive yet. So in the end, the doctor said “it turned out to be a milder case of Dengue than we initially thought.”
  • Well, we know this is not the case. Actually, there was another Dengue victim on the same ward who had the same initial conditions and he ended up getting a transfusion as my partner’s son was walking out of the hospital. It was regretful that we were not able to get some of the pills to that guy too.

In any case, we now are in need of some more pills. Both my partners and their families are clamoring for product. So, if you could send us 8 boxes of 60 pills that would be grand. Just send me the account details where I can TT the money to.

Douglas Dean

*Please remember, we are not a solo act – we are a community/group with special information regarding a breakthrough product with remarkable therapeutic benefits.  You can help support your fellow members by sharing your personal stories with the rest of us –people act on the approval of others; you never know when your shared personal story may be the one that motivated someone to take action regarding 98alive™ that changed their life!

Victory for Wellness,

Steven Hall

CMO- 98 Alive Pty Ltd

Dengue Fever-98Alive
Dengue Fever-98Alive
Dengue Fever-98Alive
Dengue Fever-98Alive
Dengue Fever-98Alive

Dengue Fever-98Alive

Dengue Fever-98Alive

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