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” The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” — ParaceisusHello Victory for Wellness Members,

One of our new Members was suffering with extreme arthritic pain before she discovered 98alive™.

She has graciously agreed to share her personal story in the hopes that it may encourage others to try 98alive™ as their ‘Victory for Wellness’ solution.My Personal Story……


 Approximately two months ago, 98alive was recommended to me by my Aunt and Uncle, as I was suffering severe arthritic pain, which was really impacting my life.  I am a carer to two people, my mother who has terminal blood cancer, and my daughter, who has ASD Aspergers, amongst many other varied health issues.

I am only 39.  I was in extreme pain in my finger joints (both hands), my right wrist, my right ankle, and my back.  I would wake every morning (after being woken numerous times at night in pain) in extreme pain; both hands were excruciatingly painful, so swollen that I couldn’t even make a fist/hold a cup/fill the kettle up – unless using two hands.  My wrist was so painful also, that things that we take for granted, like cutting up vegetables for dinner, even something softer, like salads – was something I could no longer do.  It would take me at least an hour to get out of bed in the morning, due to the combination of the pain in my hands, ankle, wrist, and back.

I had tried 3 months of the recommended maximum dosages of Glucosamine and Fish Oil – with no result at all.  That’s where, in passing comment, talking to my Aunt and Uncle, they recommended 98alive, said they had been on it for years, and at times even ‘forgot’ that they had arthritis – that’s how good the product was.  Me being me, even coming from someone I know and trust, I was skeptical, so I did my own research, and I did purchase one box (you can sign up for the 98Alive capsules to be automatically sent – at intervals you choose, and it SAVES you money this way, but I just wanted to trial it, see if it worked, before signing up for something).  After 1 week, I noticed that I no longer had pain nor swelling in my finger joints, and that instead of constant, continual pain in my right wrist and ankle – it was only if I had them on different angles – that I would feel pain.  I also noticed that it wasn’t taking me an hour to get out of bed!  After 2 weeks – I can HONESTLY say, from the bottom of my heart, I HAD NO PAIN at all in my finger joints, in my right wrist, or in my right ankle!!  None.  Gone.  No matter what angle I had them on – and even chopping vegies etc I was able to do again!!!  The back pain however is still there, but is NO WHERE NEAR as bad as it was.  The back pain thought is NOT just from arthritis, it is because I fell down a flight of stairs whilst I was pregnant with my daughter, and I have damaged my spine.  The 98Alive HAS helped though, as I said, it would take me at least an hour to get out of bed, and at least another hour to actually be able to get ‘moving’ because of the pain I was in – but I now get out of bed as I used to, no pain, and my life has become MY LIFE again!  I truly, honestly recommend this product to anyone suffering from arthritic pain – it has saved my sanity in so many ways!

A few weeks ago, my mother, who as I said, suffers from terminal blood cancer, checked with her doctors, to ask and see if she was also able to take 98alive (make sure it wasn’t going to interact with any of her other medications she was on) – as before she was diagnosed with Severe A Plastic Anaemia (immune system attacks bone marrow – bone marrow makes red and white cells, and things called platelets – which help your blood clot, and stop bleeding – Mum has on any given week between 1 up to a maximum of 15 – where a normal amount of platelets is 250,000) she WAS taking glucosamine and fish oil, as she has suffered with 

Arthritis for years.  Upon the diagnosis of the blood cancer – she was taken off the glucosamine and fish oil – as they are BOTH blood thinners, and there was no way that she could safely continue to take them.  Anyway, her doctor said yes, there was no reason after investigating 98alive capsules/contents that my mother couldn’t take them.  As long as she didn’t have a reaction, then go for it.  I put my mother onto them for a week (I do her medications for her).  After a week, she didn’t say anything, as to whether they had helped or not, so I stopped giving them to her.  Two days later she asked me ‘Am I still on those Arthritis things – because everywhere that had stopped hurting – is hurting again’.  Hence, she is back on them, and is gaining significant arthritic relief from the 98alive capsules.  The other benefit to my mother is that the 98alive capsules are also an ‘Immune System Strengthener’.  One of the medications my mother is on, specifically targets parts of her immune system, which means she is immunity compromised.  These 98alive Capsules are also helping to keep her ‘healthy’, and to fight off what normally, her body wouldn’t be able to.

I’ve put this out there, so that people really can see, that they do work.  I’m a real person.  My circumstances are REAL.  I believe in the product SO much, that I am happy to even put my email out there, so that if anyone wants to talk to me about the product and how it has benefited myself and my mother, then please feel free to contact me.  It honestly has changed our lives.!!!  Thanks so very much to the professor who made these capsules, and thanks very much to the company/people who help distribute and give out information on this wonderful life changing product!!  Cherylee Dougan aka GoobiePink


We are all grateful to Cherylee for sharing her personal story; But please remember: 98alive™ does not claim to cure arthritis — 98alive™ delivers biological tools to the body that the body can utilize to boost its own ant-microbial, anti-microbial, anti- inflammatory, anti-oxidant and other healing functions.

Since it has no side effects, it is definitely worth considering by anyone who may be in a situation similar to Cherylee.

Your Personal story may be the motivation someone in a similar situation needs to try 98alive™ — and perhaps change their life!

Victory for Wellness,

Steven Hall
CMO- 98 Alive Pty Ltd





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