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” Our health is what we make of it … give it attention and it improves; give it none and it subsides.”
John D. Demartini


*FDA allowed — *Globally patented — *Scientifically proven
Australia TGA98alive™ with Melaleuca alternifolia is listed as a medicine on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).
98alive™ Pain Relief Oil — ARTG Number L 179684.98alive™ Immune+ — AUST L 227282

United States Federal Drug Administration


The active ingredient in 98alive™ is also allowed by the United States of America Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in foods as an additive.

Globally patented

98alive™ is a PCT Globally patented, pure extract of Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil which contains a unique combination of ninety-eight natural compounds.

Additional research

More tests are currently underway to extend the understanding of how 98alive™ is able to boost the production of, amongst others, CD4 and CD8 cytokine components.

Discover  why  you should consider making 98alive™ part of your health & wellness program

98Alive Rating98alive™’s ninety-eight natural compounds are active and may act individually, or in combination with other linked compounds to strengthen & stimulate the immune system; 98alive™ increases CD4 Helper cells and CD8 Killer cells up to five times contributing to improved health & general well-being.

98alive™ is very rich in antioxidants … scoring one of the highest ORAC scores (globally standardized antioxidant measurement for determining a products antioxidant level).

98alive contains 5 times more antioxidant than krill oil, and 14 times more antioxidant than fish oil (ORAC testsperformed by Brunswick laboratories, USA)

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Beware of immune system enemies including:98Alive Rating

  • Smoke (tobacco & other — incinerators, chimneys, etc.)


  • Stress, pollution, (busy roads, industry, etc.)


  • Radiation, pesticides, carcinogenic chemicals (domestic & industrial)


  • Drugs, food additives (especially colours & flavours)


  • Incorrect balance of food (too much salt, sugar, or fat)


  • Accidents, inappropriate exercise


  • Infection(from bacteria, virus, worms, etc.)


  • Negative attitudes to life — unhappiness, etc.

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Discover 98alive™…

*Globally patented — *Scientifically proven

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98Alive Rating
98Alive Rating
98Alive Rating
98Alive Rating
98Alive Rating

98Alive Rating

98Alive Rating

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