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“Gold that buys health can never be ill spent.”
Thomas Dekker

Discover what many are calling ‘THE health & wellness breakthrough ’ – 98alive™.

   *Globally patented — Scientifically proven

 98alive™ is based on our unique, patented method of distilling Melaleuca Alternifolia leaf oil.

98alive™ contains no added colourings, flavourings, or preservatives.  Our process results in a natural product of 98 active compounds that act in unison with one another to offer an array of benefits…never before encountered in a single product.


98 Alive Products

98Alive Products

 Immune Support Capsules 

98alive™ Immune: One of the most powerful
antioxidants available – 5 times greater antioxidant activity than krill oil and
14 times greater than fish oil(Brunswick Laboratories USA). Laboratory
proven to strengthen the immune system (Laboratory tests conducted by
Griffith University Medical Centre, Australia).

Ingredients (per capsule) – Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Essential Oil 150 mg – Calcium Ascorbate 120 mg – Beta carotene 3 mg – Microcrystalline cellulose – Silicon dioxide | AUST L 235279 | Direction for adults: 2 capsules per day after meal
  Available in 150mg capsules/Box of 60.

* Not to be used in children under two years of age. If symptoms persist, consult your
health care practitioner.

98Alive Products

  100 ml Pain Relief Oil

Ingredients – Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Essential Oil 5000 mg | AUST L 179684

Pain Relief Oil:For temporary relief of pain associated with acute soft tissue
damage including sprains, strains and most arthritic aches.

Can also be used on damaged skin for minor cuts and abrasions.

Has local anaesthetic properties to alleviate pain associated with minor abrasions, stings, and insect bites.
Available for external use only. Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil 50mg/g

98Alive Products

100 ml Respiratory Health Liquid 

Instruction: place 3 ml of the solution into the face mask & turn in the inhaler. Use the system as many times as required.

98Alive Products130 g Natural Cleansing Bar

Ingredients – Melaleuca Alternifolia Essential Oil 195 mg – Olive Oil – Coconut Oil – Palm Oil – Shea Butter
98Alive Products

30 ml Nasal Spray

Ingredients – Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Essential Oil 300 mg – Sterile water | AUST L 279838


98Alive Products

200 ml Immune Support Syrup

Ingredients (per 7 ml dose) – Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Essential Oil 149.8 mg – Zinc Gluconate 104 mg (equivalent Zinc 15.1 mg) | AUST L 299411 | Directions for adults: two 7 ml dose per day after meal

Victory for Wellness Program:

Your immune system is working hard – around the clock – to keep you healthy.

To help stimulate & strengthen your immune system around the clock,
98alive™ recommends our Victory forWellness Program:

 Adult dosage: Two 150mg capsule per day – 98alive™

   AutoShip subscription: One 60capsule box of 98alive™
Immune  automatically shipped directly to your requested address each month


Your Victory for Wellness AutoShip service ensures you have sufficient
98alive™ on hand – no need to call or visit your Distributor to maintain your supply.
Of course  your AutoShip service can be placed
on hold or cancelled at any time.

Live well! Order your 98alive™ products TODAY:

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Searching for a personal Product Consultant/Distributor?Order online and we will assign a PCD near you as your 98alive™ service representative


98Alive Products

   *If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner

98Alive Products
98Alive Products
98Alive Products
98Alive Products
98Alive Products

98Alive Products

98Alive Products

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