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“Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness just doesn’t know where to shop”. – Unknown

• -First Order/Fast Cash bonus option
• -Webinar: Achieve Greater Financial Freedom – Advantages of ‘Fast Cash’
• -New! PayPal Standard – Order payment option

Hello Members,
At 98 Alive we know “Money isn’t everything”, but we recognize money IS important in our lives. Most of us need money to support our family’s lifestyle.
So we are pleased to announce our First Order/Fast Cash Bonus option for Premium Members’ promoting 98alive™ products.

How Does the ‘Fast Cash’ Option Work?
Effective 1 July 2016, Premium Members who introduce/sponsor new Premium Members can not only qualify for First Order Bonus, but can also request our ‘Fast Cash’ payment option.
When ‘Fast Cash’ is requested, we will pay your qualified First Order Bonus within one (1) business day of receiving your request – No need to wait until the following month’s commission payment cycle to collect your First Order Bonus.
By using this option, you could be receiving payments from 98 Alive every week, every few days, or even every day! Your personal cash flow is up to you.
• -Help improve your personal cash flow
• -Empower you to help others improve their personal cash flow
• -Assist you in growing your 98 Alive organization
• -Supercharge your ability to spread the 98alive™ ‘Victory for Wellness’ message to those who may benefit
Remember: Every dollar earned by Premium Members means someone is becoming healthier.
To Collect ‘FAST CASH’ is as easy as 1, 2, 3….
1. Share our 98alive™ Product info/Rewards Compensation opportunity with others
2. Advise your new Premium Members on their best First Order option
3. Request ‘Fast Cash’

Request ‘Fast Cash’ by sending Email to: Steven Hall: sgh@98alivedirect.com
SUBJECT: First Order Bonus/Fast Cash Request
Body of Email: Please pay my First Order Bonus for new Premium Member: (Name of new Premium Member) through the ‘Fast Cash’ option.
We will process your request and transfer your qualified First Order Bonus due within in one (1) working day of receiving your request.

To learn more on how you can collect ‘Fast Cash’ – and how the ‘Fast Cash’ bonus option can assist you in growing your organization while helping more people become healthier…….

Join Our Webinar:
Achieve Greater Financial Freedom with 98alive™ ‘Fast Cash’ & How to Collect Bonus Payments Daily
For webinar dates & time, Email: info@98alivedirect.com
SUBJECT: Please send info on Fast Cash webinar

“You will never know true freedom until you achieve financial freedom.” — Robert T Kiyosaki

98alive™ now accepts the standard PayPal card option. To pay through the standard PayPal card, simply select – PayPal Standard – as payment option when completing orders at Check-out.
Victory for Wellness,

Steven Hall
CMO – 98 Alive Pty Ltd
E: sgh@98alivedirect.com
SKYPE: sghabroad2

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98Alive Fast Cash Bonus
98Alive Fast Cash Bonus
98Alive Fast Cash Bonus
98Alive Fast Cash Bonus

98Alive Fast Cash Bonus

98Alive Fast Cash Bonus

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